What is Therapeutic Horsemanship?

About THH

Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii’s goal is to improve the minds and bodies of our riders, using our horses as partners. Our riders build strength in their bodies by learning to groom, saddle and ride. They improve their confidence by learning from our horses and receiving unconditional love that only animals can provide. Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii specializes in riding instruction for special needs individuals, but provides therapeutic riding to individuals of any ability. Our mini horses visit individuals who cannot visit our program, due to physical or financial reasons.

See us on the TV show "You've Got the Power" Episode 2

This amazing locally produced television show did a feature on THH, our Executive Director, Dana and a couple of our awesome riders. The entire show is great, but THH is featured at 7:40 into the show.

Polo field rules

Please enter only through the Makapu'u gate with the THH signs on it. Please observe the 5 mile per hour speed limit while inside the property for the safety of the animals and children. The middle entrance to the polo field is on a different property and we are not allowed to use it. Please do not walk on the polo field. Please do not approach any horses that do not belong to THH. The polo club is very generous in letting our program be here, so we try to respect their property! Thanks for your cooperation!!

Contact / Directions

(808) 342-9036 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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